• Pocket Pals

    Each month, Miss Randi will teach us to sew a new Pocket Pal - a mini plush toy. Kits will be available from the library near the beginning of the month. Check the calendar to see when the next one comes out.

  • MAKE

    Instructional videos for library MAKE programs and kits.

  • Tasty Treats

    On the third week of the month, Miss Christine will have take home kits available for patrons to make their own treats. Check out the how-to videos here

  • Seed Lending Library

    Check out heirloom seeds from the library to grow in your garden at home.

  • Summer Reading 2020 How To Videos

    Christine will show you how to write in invisible ink, make a tank top from a t-shirt, make a tornado in a jar, and more

  • Fake News Friday

    Librarian Melissa will teach us about Fake News, how to spot it, how to avoid it, how to teach yourself and your friends about it, and more

  • Homebound Delivery Service

    If you or a loved one would like library service, but is homebound, we can help.

  • Friends of Caro Area Library

    Join our Friends group and help support the library!

  • Neal Children's Room

    Welcome to The Neal Children's Room in the lower level of the Library.

  • Children's Programs & Services

    Programs and services for children

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  • Adult Crafts

    Debbie will show you how to make crafts