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Library District Boundaries

What this is

This page consists of information about the Library's legal service area and how it affects those living outside of our service area.

Where this came from

We are a district library. This means that our boundaries are defined roughly by existing borders or natural municipal divisions. While our boundaries are similar to the Caro School District boundaries, there are several changes which make it unique and different. These boundaries were cordoned and set by the State of Michigan.

How this affects you

If you live out-of-district, most Library programs and services are available to you free of charge. However, the Library does charge  to checkout materials (reading in the Library is always permitted!). The following options are available to out-of-district patrons:

  • $30 for a one-year membership.
  • $15 for a six-month membership.

Services must be paid upon expiration. There are no refunds for time not used.

Please click here for a calculator used to determine the Library's value to you.

About the Map

A topographical map of the Library's boundaries. The shaded colorful areas are townships. Green highlighted regions are the Library's district boundaries, while the red highlighted areas are outside of our boundaries.

Click here to see our map