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The Library strives to offer a diverse collection of information and services. Our collection spans a variety of media, genre, and subjects. The Library continues to offer traditional materials while venturing to offer new materials and information through different media types in an effort to meet the needs of all our patrons.

Adult and young adult books are located on the upper-level while children's books are located on the lower-level. Materials must be checked out on their respective levels.

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What we offer

  • Books   
    • About 70,000 materials, this is our largest collection. Sub-divided into dozens of genres, our collection contains materials for every interest.
  • Audiobooks
    • Books of all genres and age levels are available digitally and on CDs.   
  • Videos    
    • 3500 adult videos and 1,100 children videos are available in DVD, subdivided into different genres. 
  • Periodicals    
    • The Library has around 70 titles of magazines and newspapers for patrons to read and checkout. The latest issues are for reading only and cannot be checked out.
  •  Digital Books
    • Our newest collection time, E-books and audiobooks can be digitally downloaded from our Library. Our digital distributor, OverDrive, offers compatibility with dozens of devices. Click here to see our digital catalog.
  • Graphic Novels    
    • Full-colored, our graphical novels are a quickly growing collection. Available from children to adults, they offer an alternative to the traditional book and can be found in their own young adult section, or mixed with the children and adult books, designate by a red graphic novel sticker on the spine.

Who we offer them for

  • Adults    
    • The bulk of our collection, this includes both fiction and non-fiction, science fiction, westerns, large print, paperbacks, talking books, digital audio and E-books, new readers, movies, and periodicals.
  • Young Adults    
    • A growing collection, these materials are divided into fiction, non-fiction, paperbacks, talking books, periodicals, paperbacks, and graphic novels.
  • Children    
    • Materials include fiction, non-fiction, picture books, board-books, easy-readers, reference, periodicals, movies, talking books and story kits.
  • Historical Collections    
    • This collection includes genealogical resources such as local obituaries, the Tuscola County Advertiser, subject-specific news clippings, the U.S. Census data, plat maps, cemetery plots, local history books, and much more. Click here for more information.