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Life After High School



Directory of Occupational Titles This site lists occupations, titles and typical job duties. Compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Working Teens Questions and information about working conditions and laws for teens age 14 and up. This is helpful for both teens and parents.

Financial Aid


College Board

Federal Student Aid

College Bound

College Prep

Several preparation resources, including school finders and tuition calculators -- hosted by the Michigan Electronic Library.

College Resources

 Government resource for prepping for college. 

Federal Student Aid

The Department of Education has created a list of state agencies that can help with financial aid.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Toolkit

Guide and resources to help students understand the financial aid process.

529 Plans

Michigan College Access Portal

A statewide initiative which provides free support for all students and families in Michigan to simplify the process of transitioning from high school to college and career

Outstanding Books for College Bound

Scholarships and Grants

Yahoo's College Directory

Information on all things college.

SAT & ACT Information


My College Guide 

Test Prep Preview


My College Guide 

Test Prep Preview

Job Bound

Air Force  
Career Builder  
Coast Guard  
Michigan Jobs  
Michigan Jobs and Career Portal  
Michigan National Guard  
Michigan Trade Schools  
Teens for Hire